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Recruitment Team Photo 

The Recruitment staff (top row, left to right - Juan Valdez, Gail Demerath, Amy Rachubinski, Jennifer Fuerst, Beverllyn Vasquez and Kevin Vosters ) at Fox Valley Technical College is here to serve, just let us know how we can help you. If you do not find the information you need here, simply contact us by e-mail or phone and you will get a prompt and accurate answer!

 Juan Valdez
Gail Demerath 
 Amy Rachubinski  
 Recruitment SpecialistAdministrative Assistant 
 Recruitment Specialist  
Appleton Campus Appleton Campus  Oshkosh Campuses  
Room E121  Room E121 S.J. Spanbauer
 (920) 735-4834 (920) 236-6112
Jennifer Fuerst   Beverllyn Vasquez Kevin Vosters
Recruitment Specialist
Recruitment Specialist
Recruitment Specialist
Appleton Campus Appleton Campus
Appleton Campus
Room E121 Room E121
Room E121  
(920) 735-4738 (920)735-4822
(920) 735-4835

If you are interested in visiting any of the Fox Valley Technical College campuses, check out our Ways To Visit page and explore your options!

Appleton Campus photo

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